Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To Fret, or Not to Fret

I haven't blogged recently because I've been fretting about being re-evaluated for my paratransit transportation. Positive outlook is essential for living a good life, but my life experiences have taught me that I can get my feet kicked out from under me. So, I keep a positive outlook, and I fret. Combining the two isn't easy, but I manage. I received notification that I can continue using paratransit transportation. Relief! With many of my brain cells released from the onus of fretting about paratransit, I'm back to blogging.

First thing this morning I discovered my cat's water bowls, and the newspaper I put under them, were in the middle of the kitchen floor, on top of a bunched up rug. The water had not been spilled from the water bowls. Since I had not yet had coffee, I ignored the situation. After having some coffee, I decided the water bowl relocation was done by my cats, or poltergeist activity. The likelihood of poltergeist activity is equal to the likelihood of my cats dragging both water bowls on a bunched up rug, and the newspaper they rest on, 3 feet without spilling the water. Actually, the potential of poltergeist activity is more likely. I put the water bowls back where they belong, straightened the rug, and filed the incident under, "Nothing I can do about it.", aka "Whatever." Poltergeists or unusual feline activity are not fret worthy.

Today is trash pickup day, so I donned a jacket because it is a bit chilly outside. Bright green plastic clogs, and purple and black plaid flannel pajama bottoms - complete with bleach stains - completed my taking the trash to the curb ensemble. In my little world, the fashion police cannot write citations for fashion faux pas committed on one's property. I did run a comb through my hair, my nod to keeping America beautiful. My appearance when taking trash to the curb is not fret worthy.

Since I was already dolled up, I decided to do some gardening. Grabbing my favorite gardening tool - a spray bottle of Roundup - I toddled around my lawn spritzing anything that didn't look like grass or did look like monkey grass, a plant I loathe due to its tendency to spread everywhere. Someone who loved gardening planted monkey grass before I moved into my house. I've spent the past 14 years trying to get rid of the monkey grass. Occasionally, I consider spelling out my initials in my lawn using Roundup. My gardening technique sends shivers up the spines of true gardening aficionados, and those who believe that a lawn should be all the same color - green. Spots of brown deadness on my lawn are not fret worthy.

I don't have a set criteria for what is fret worthy. I just go with the flow, and maintain a positive outlook. At least I hope I do. Ah, man...


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