Monday, March 16, 2009

My Purpose in Life

I originally posted this on my previous blog, on January 4, 2008:

One of the hurdles in my living life disabled is finding a new Purpose in Life. My pre-disabled purpose in life primarily revolved around two abilities: physical, and working multiple jobs if necessary, to achieve my goals. My current physical condition precludes most of my pre-disabled activities. My pre-disabled work skills didn't translated into post-disability income earning capability. So, I set about finding a new Purpose in Life for myself. Something more than my Social Security check being a source of income for utility companies, landlords, and such.

At one point, I decided to become a proponent of the disabled. Armor flashing as I boldly strode into the uninformed world! Smashing myths, crashing through barriers, and opening new doors for the disabled! All done to suitably magnificent choral and orchestral theme music, of course. The reality was that there were numerous agencies, and far better equipped individuals, already doing the necessary smashing and crashing. I mentally canceled the orchestra, and sent the choral group packing. I went for the position of semi-cranky ambassador of being disabled instead. Nice. Doesn't come with its own theme song, though.

Next, inspired by the extremely fertile, feral cat living in my backyard, my next Purpose in Life took shape. I would become a cat rescuer, socializing feral kittens, and working towards getting every cat in the country spayed or neutered, and into a good home! My bathroom became a feral kitten nursery. My fingers flew over my computer keyboard, as I searched the web for cat rescue organizations, and created "kittens looking for good home" posters for veterinary clinics. I learned that there are many cat rescue organizations, and they needed money (which I did not have), not kittens (which I had in abundance). The extremely fertile, feral cat in my backyard sneered at my attempts to capture her (I continually tried to trap her, in order to get her spayed). There were many problems with my new Purpose in Life, not the least of which was what to do with the unadoptable kittens? I thought a death sentence was extreme just because a kitten was not a people person. I kept the unadoptable kittens. Have you met Athena, Mad Martigan, and Bear?

My Cats

They are sweethearts whom I love dearly, but they were all feral, unadoptable, hellions as kittens. I would have been suspicious of anyone who did want to adopt them. I had to drop being a cat rescue crusader because I couldn't afford to take care of anymore unadoptable kittens. So, I brushing the mouse toys off my lap,
bandaging scratches from kitten Bear, dodging bites from kitten Athena, plucking kitten Mad Martigan off my chest, and wiping the kitten food out of my hair, I pondered what to do next.

As of now, I still looking for my new Purpose in Life. I'm not sure if it is out there, waiting for me to find it; or unformed, waiting for me to create it. I just know that it is out there, somewhere. And I bet it comes with really cool theme music.


March 16, 2009:

I originally wrote this over a year ago, and it is still applicable. I'm still searching for my purpose in life, and I still hope it comes with really cool theme music.



  1. I love your post - the humor and strength behind your words is inspiring. I believe we are all looking for our purpose in life. One day, it will appear with your very own theme song:):)

  2. Thank you, Kala. I agree with, that we are all looking for our purpose in life. I can't wait to find out what my theme song is for my purpose in life. :-)