Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring has sprung. The time of year that brings blossoms, new growth, and the awakening of life dormant during Winter. Vivaldi provides the background for a time of color, and renewal. Fresh, inspiring, and welcomed. Or, so I've heard. At my home, Spring is the time of year when weeds wake up and usurp my front lawn; creepy crawlies are back crawling creepily; and temperatures threaten to reach air conditioning required levels. Less Vivaldi. More National Geographic theme, with a fair amount of hard rock. Still, I like it, although Fall and Winter remain my favorite seasons.

I didn't have to check a calendar to know that it was Spring. Sprouting claws of gi-normous, purplish green weeds start slithering out of the ground, bent on world domination. Think Day of the Triffids or Audrey II from Little House of Horrors. The weeds can only be controlled by using a flame thrower, shot gun blast, or Roundup weed killer. I use Roundup. Not as dramatic as a flame thrower or a shot gun blast, but also not going to land me in jail when using it. I do think things through. Most of the time.

While nailing the 50s' scifi film wannabe weeds, I am mindful of fire ants, because Spring is when they are stirring around in preparation for Summer. Such aptly named critters. Bright orange red in coloring; totally psychotic in temperament; and their bite is an acid burning jolt of lasting pain. Spring is also the season when I see many carpenter ants, 1/4 to almost 1/2 long reddish and black color ants. Not aggressive nor poisonous. Their bites don't even break the skin, they just pinch. Thankfully, there's nothing of interest to either carpenter ants, nor fire ants, inside my house. Then, there's the little bitty black ants, reminiscent of the ants I experienced back in California, except a lot more neurotic. Understandably. Living between the psycho fire ants, and the humongous carpenter ants, it is not surprising that the little bitty ants seem to be in a constant state of needing a Valium. I see these little bitty guys about once every 3 or 4 years.

Ah, the signs of Spring. The swallows return to San Juan Capistrano. The iris bulbs bloom. And, a carpenter ant is walking on my window, looking vaguely confused. Spring has sprung. I love my home, and I like Spring - ants and weeds and all.



  1. And don't forget the spiders, bees, and beetles that eat our flowers! Ah, thank goodness for spring!

  2. Oh, yes. The spiders. Evicted two of them a few days ago. Since spiders, like the lizards that are active around my house during warmer weather, are bug eaters, I capture spiders and release them outside. Some are stoic about being relocated, but some are rather agitated and possibly uttering scathing oaths at me in spider language. I'll be glad when the lizards get back from Cabo San Lucas, or where ever it is they go for the Winter. Ah, Spring.