Monday, March 2, 2009


This blog is about the differences, similarities, disappointments and triumphs I experience as I live my life disabled.

I became disabled when I was around 40 years old - femoral neuropathy. After becoming disabled, I've had to shuffle through my life knowledge, and re-apply lessons learned to my new path. So far, there have been some abysmal downs, and some instances of shining hope. I'm still on my journey, and I'm still learning. Perhaps, what I've learned can be helpful to disabled, and able-bodied folks.

I will post about my experiences with businesses, groups, and day to day life.
There will be kudos for some, and a veil of disappoint for others. I may ramble, rant, and wander off topic on occasion. That is something that hasn't changed because of my being disabled.

Some of my posts will be transferred from another blog I had, but most of the posts will be new. I hope you will enjoy your time here, and perhaps learn something new.


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