Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Time

It's relatively cool outside. Yesterday clouds, and winds from the north, finally broke the recent streak of triple digit weather. Very nice. My house is still holding on to the heat that built up the past couple of weeks. It's an old house, and it absorbs the prevailing temperature in its bones, in this case sending waves of warmth bouncing around inside. So, it's cool and in the 70s outside, but over 86 F inside.

I've been had a pain killer defying headache for the past few days. I've been cranky from the triple digit, sneers at my air conditioner's attempt to cool me, heat. Hot weather does not inspire me to create jewelry. Hot weather doesn't inspire me to do anything, except continually check the calendar, counting the days until the weather will cool off. Oh, and get a touch whiny, and very lethargic. There's Summer, and there's crazy hot, humid Summer.

Unable to corral my overheated, sulky self into creativity at this time, I decided to start working on listing destash stuff. I figure that working on listing destash items will either spark my creativity, or kill time for the rest of Summer as I muse over whether or not to keep those beads I've never used. I'm good either way.


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